What is Your Biz cafe?

Your Biz cafe is a multi-resource and services company site. The webstite (formerly known as Annual Press) was founded on the idea of Ezine marketing, and blog hosting services. The service offers have long since expanded to internet marketing, blog hosting, free traffic resources and standard webhosting services. What can you do here at Your Biz Cafe? Members can connect with others and participate in discussions and share their knowledge of Internet marketing, blogging, and business resources. You can also market your business opportunities and share resources about your industry

About the services

Affordability is very important for a business on a tight budget. So, if you need free traffic, classified advertising or a low price marketing service, take a look at the websites in the middle column. Oh, and there is web hosting services as well.

About the Admin

My name is Stephanie Fulcher and I own the Your Biz café network of websites. I work during the day while trying to build business by night. I have always found online business to be a challenging and educational experience. Even though a person can be a veteran at online business there is always learn and grow. So here I am learning and growing.

What is the mission?

The mission of Your Biz Cafe is to create a system of services that will cater to every business need big or small. Plus, provide free services that work towards your business goals.

What you should know

Please note that none of the websites in the Your Biz Cafe Network are get rich quick schemes. The sites at Your Biz Cafe are not MLM sites or forced matrix sites. You will not gain wealth using any of the services offered. Plus, many of the sites in the Your Biz Cafe network give you the option to upgrade at any time. All that you are offered is free and premium traffic services, plus web hosting services should you need it. What about the ezine? How are your Email addresses obtained? You subscribed directly through the website or an ezine ad co-op. You gave permission to Your Biz Cafe to send you information to your inbox. You have the option to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email sent to you.

Other sites in Your Biz Cafe Network

Blogs at YBC

Start Your own Blog for free. Whether you are a business owner or personal blogger, you can start up a free site in any catecgory.

Blog TextAds

Free Ad exchange for bloggers and affiliates. You can advertise your website and earn instant commissions. Get your banners and links seen on a network of pages.

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Your Biz Cafe Ad board

Free Classified ad board for the everyday marketer. Post your ad five tims a day. Premium ads are just $3 per 30 day duration. Sign up today! Use Promo code: newcritter to get your free signup bonuses.

YBC Adboard Blog

The latest promotions, classified advertising tips and promotions from YBC Ad Board

My Sunny Ads

Free targeted traffic using text as, banner ads and solo ads. We have a feature in the website called "My Promo Page". This feature allows you to enter all of your affiliate links and homepages in one place. Signup to get started.

My Sunny Ads Updates

Check out the latest updates, marketing tips and promotions from My Sunny Ads.

Your Biz Cafe Advertising Blog.

Free Advertising on the blog. Promote your product service, or business oppertunity at Your Biz cafe Advertising blog.

YB Cafe Ads

Get more traffic to your website with our affordable banner and text ad packages. Your Ad will be shown on a network websites at the top or on the sidebars. Sign up with a free account and shop. The website is very simple to navigate and your ads will even be seen on the main website itself. Watch the video for more details.

Publisher Host

This website is hosted at publisher host. Get affordable VPS, shared and semidedicated hosting.

Free Space at YBC

Do you want a more cost effective webshosting option? Get free web hosting services at Space at YBC. There are no annoying ads to deal with. Just your content and vision.

Get the lates promotions, marketing and blogging tips at Ezines at YBC.

Free Text ad campaign at YB Cafe Ads for three months when you subscribe.