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Update: Your Biz Traffic YBC Adboard and Ezines at YBC

Your Biz Traffic

Your Biz traffic has gone dark for a while. Well, it’s been decided and the site is now a free advertising site with a few user friendly features. The site is now called YBC Traffic. Members are able to set up solo ads, banner ads, and text links. Plus, YBC Traffic is linked to two solo ad networks. Recharge network and solo Mega Ads network has  310 sites and over 58,000 members viewing your ads. There is no upgrade required. YBC Traffic is a PRO Only website. You can sign up for free at

YBC Adboard

YBC Aboard is in for a very big overhaul. The site is going to essentially start over. There will be a new platform it will run on and members will be able to auto post their ads. There will be other features to look out for on the site.

Ezines At YBC

The Ezine is taking a little break for website maintenance. The Next issue will be published on  September 9, 2018 Eastern Standard Time.

Stay tuned for more updates on these websites.