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Resource: Kenny Lessing’s Real time Script Store

There are many websites out there on the internet that offer advertising. There are some that offer adverting and money making opportunities. But, are there websites that offer potential income, advertising and web hosting at the same time? No. That website credit would go to Kenny Lessing’s real time Script Store. What is Kenny Lessing’s Real Time Script Store? Who should join? Is Kenny Lessing’s Real Time Script store recommended?

A Text Ad Exchange

The Real Time Script Store offers free advertising using text ads, banners, solo ads network solos and more. As a member you have a chance to upgrade at anytime. Plus, the services are a great start to your advertising efforts. If you are on tight budget, this site is definitely for you. Promoting a website can be pretty expensive when you are just starting out. What about the “Exchange” aspect of the site? When you join the site you will get solo ads to your inbox on a daily basis depending on the day. These solo ads have credit links in them. Also, any banner ad or text ad you click, you will earn credits. Once you earn the credits, you will be able to trade in your credits for certain advertising service. For most internet marketers time is a premium. You can always purchase what you need from the site.

A script store

At real time script store, members have the opportunity to earn an extra income. Members can purchase an ad exchange, text ad exchange, mailer cash mailer and more. Plus, a member has the option to purchase a fully built site or rent one at a reasonable price. Your site can be set up to be included in the network depending on which script you purchase. Kenny Lessing will work with you to make sure your site is up and running.

Web hosting services is a great option

When a member purchases a script you can sign up for web hosting services. The prices are pretty reasonable. Also, Kenny is always running a special for web hosting when you purchase a script from his store. Why web hosting services? Well, if you don’t have your own hosting service, its good to sign up for it. This helps you keep it simple when you start an online business.


Yes the site is definitely recommended for those looking to earn and extra income, advertise their site and utilize web hosting services at the same time. Plus, as a new internet marketer, the services of The real Time Script Store will help you keep things simple while your business grows. 

Resource: Webstars2k


If you are in need of effective and unique website traffic, Webstars2k might be a good fit. Webstars2k is owned, operated and programmed by Maryanne Myers with over 20 years of experience. Take a look at a few things that make Webstars2k Unique.


Stand alone email marketing

First, Webstars2K is a standalone solo ad marketing service with banner advertising added in. Your Solo ad will be sent to her subscriber list of over 84,000 people. This does not include other traffic websites she has programmed. As a customer you can purchase solo ads for your website. Then you follow her instructions after confirmation of purchase. Once your solo ad is received you get a confirmation email from Maryanne stating when your solo ad will be published. She gets back to you as soon as possible. That is good customer service.

The banner advertising

Free banner advertising is offered throughout her network. She posts these banners everywhere. Every site she has programmed and operates has a banner ad. That means more traffic for you As a member of Webstars2K, you can post your own banners in her network. In order for them to be displayed over the network, you have to click links in your member panel to earn credits. Once you earn credits they are automatically allocated to each banner for display. Did I mention that the links you are clicking are the solo ads sent out to her subscribers?


Maryanne has a good support system set up. If you have any issues you can open a ticket right on the front page of her site. How many sites do you know have a ticket form ready on the front page?


Would I recommend Webstars2K? Yes. Maryanne Myers has a simple but easy to use effective advertising service for your website. You don’t have to take out the extra time to figure out the advertising. And you get a steady flow of visitors to your site. Go check it out.