New Site! Traffic Bean

Traffic Bean is a premium traffic website that offers Alexa Traffic, Casino Traffic, and Targeted traffic. There is no navigation process to find the packages you need. The packages are listed on the very front page. A preview of the prices is listed below.

Alexa Traffic

  • 5000 Visitors $20
  • 10000 Visitors $30
  • 50000 Visitors $100

Targeted Traffic

  • 5000 Targeted Visitors $15
  • 10000 Targeted Visitors $25
  • 50000 Targeted Visitors $60

These are just a few packages offered at Traffic Bean. Got to to get started. if you have any questions about the site please feel free to go to the helpdesk and open a ticket.

About the Author

Stephanie Fulcher

I am a native of New York and a lover of coffee. That's where the name Your Biz Café came from. I work during the day and blog at night. Plus, offer affordable marketing services for your business. Please feel free to join me here at the forum. I look forward to chatting with you.

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