Introducing YBC Traffic

Your Biz Traffic is now YBC Traffic. YBC Traffic is a free Pro only membership traffic website. members will be able to use solo ads, banner ads, and text links to promote their website. Plus, advertise in the Recharge Network Ads and Super Mega Ads networks for a very reasonable price. No upgrade needed. YYBC Traffic is a pro only website. Go to to sign up.

What’s up with Your Biz Cafe?

Your biz Cafe has been very quiet lately. However, we are still here. The owner (Myself the admin) has gone through life’s little stressful changes. However, Your Biz Cafe has been busy behind the scenes. Take a look at a few changes.

Your Biz Cafe Ads (YB Cafe Ads)

The site is back up with a new look, new domain. Your ad will be seen on every site in the Your Biz Cafe network. There is no confusing member area to navigate. All you need is a password to track your campaign. Packages at Your Biz Cafe ads start at three dollars.

YBC Updates Ezine

The ezine will be published July 19, 2018. The ezine will have all of the latest news about the websites of Your Biz Cafe and new blog posts. if you want the latest blog posts from websites in the Your Biz Cafe Network please fill out the subscribe form on the right.

Your Biz Traffic is in for an overhaul
The site is down at the moment but will be a different type of service. Stay tuned for news on this website.

The forum
Here at Your Biz Cafe you can chat in the business forum and promote your website.