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Your Free World Scripts Part Three: Autoresponder Hosting script

The money is in the list. That is a phrase that has circulated around the web for years. Many interent marketers and business professionals have believed this to be fact. There are many ways to build a list of potential customers for your business. There are landing pages, splash pages, and blogging platforms. But in order to promote with these tools, what does an internet marketer need? An Autoresponder would be needed. In this post let’s talk about the Autoresponder Hosting Script.

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a computer program or script that automatically answers email sent to it. The program can be simple or complex.* Why are Autoresponder a good tool to have? Well, an autoresponder can save a lot of time and money for internet marketers that need to automate their promotion methods. Building an email list of potential customers will be a little easier to handle.

What is the Autoresponder Hosting script?

Membership levels: The Autoresponder Hosting Script allows the admin (you) to start an autoresponder business. You can host autoresponders for other people looking to start a mailing list. The autoresponder script has two membership levels, the affiliate and the pro membership level. The Affiliate membership only allows promotion of the service. The Pro membership level gives a member a full range of services.

Administrator Features: You as the admin will be able to set up the landing page templates. Your members will have a few design options for their landing pages. Plus, set up affiliate tools, edit your pages to suit the scope of your service, and banner advertising prices. Another feature of the Autoresponder Hosting Script is that you can email your users with updates and offers as well. You as the administrator will have a list of your own. Your members.

Member Features: While affiliate members are only allowed to promote your service, your pro members will be allowed to setup their autoresponders and landing page sites. Pro members will also be able to email their subscribers, change the design of their pages and more.

Who benefits from this script?

Business owners and internet marketers who need to build a list of potential customers could benefit from this script. The Autoresponder hosting script has a lot of features that just can’t be explained in one blog post. I would definitely recommend this script. Go to Your Free World to check it out.

*Full Autoresponder definition can be found here