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Stay safe during these trying times

Pexels.comI know that there are opportunity seekers, business owners and affiliates in the Your Biz Cafe Network Of websites. However, the number one thing that you are is a human being first. A human being that is dealing with a scary pandemic called COVID-19. Otherwise known as the coronavirus. It is scary having to live in a lockdown not knowing what the next day is going to bring you. Every day on the news you hear there are more cases and the death toll is rising. Or, you hear there aren’t enough supplies to go around.


Why am I saying this? I just want to check on you guys and see if you are doing OK. I know that dad and I are taking precautions to prevent infection. I for one have to especially because he is immune-compromised. I take every step to make sure my room is disinfected and I wash my hands daily. Even when I come from the day job I change my clothes after a shower. So, this situation also concerns us. This pandemic affects us all. Please stay safe people. I hope that you and your family are taking care of each other and take every precaution necessary.


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Go to the CDC website to find out how you can stay safe and prevent infection.