squirrelcafe 001Getting started

Setup your General Profile: Once you have registered to Your Biz Café, login and edit your profile. You can do that by clicking the CB Profile edit link below your profile picture. Once you get to the profile edit page fill out the form completely then save.  


The Forum


Create a New Forum topic: Your General profile is all set. Now what? Post a new topic in the forum. You can do that by clicking the “Post New Topic” Link below your profile picture. Fill in your post in the form that appears. (Remember to spell check) then click submit.


Blogging at Your Biz Cafe


Create Your new Blog: You can create your new blog by going to “Your Blog” link below your Profile Picture. Once there click the “Blog Options” Button. Update the Title of your blog and description. Then click submit. Your blog is set up.


Start Posting in your Blog: Once your blog is created you can start posting articles immediately. How? Click the “New Post” Button. Once on the page you can enter your article, meta data, choose your status, upload an image and tags. You can also upload a picture. All set. Just remember to choose a category and then click publish.


Link Exchange


Adding your link to the directory: You must be logged in to Your Biz Café in order to add your link to the directory. Now, click the “Exchange Links” Link below your profile picture. Once there you will see a set of categories. Add your link by clicking “Ad Links” link. Once there, take the code provided and put it on there page you want. Then, fill out the form with all your info. Click submit.

Note: Each link is subject to approval. You can come back and the status of your link later.


Classified Advertising

Set up your Classified ad by clicking the advertise link below your profile picture. You should see the main ads page. Click the add ads button. Setup and your ad. Don’t forget to click submit before your leave the page.


Your Biz Café Activity Wall


The Status Wall: Click the “Your Status” link below your profile. Then enter whatever is on your mind.


That’s all for now. This page will be updated from time to time. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to open a ticket or ask your question in the forum.