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Your Biz Cafe has gotten a face lift

The platform that has been used is now changed. This will allow for easy navigation and better communication with the admin (Stephanie Fulcher). The Admin is happy to announce the New and Improved Your Biz Cafe Main website. What has changed at Your Biz Café? The answer to that question is listed below.


A New help Desk

Well, Admin wanted to streamline how to support you in the Network at Your Biz Cafe. So, the help desk is integrated into the site to make it easier for you to open tickets and ask questions. No more going to a separate site for that. Admin (Stephanie Fulcher) finds that very annoying and a waste of server space.) Anyway, you can find the help desk at the link above or go here. I look forward to hearing from you.


Blogs at Your Biz Cafe

Ok, I know that there is a separate site at (Which is overdue for an overhaul as well). But the websites in the network have their own separate blogs. I decided to build the blogs here. This will allow for the other site to accommodate new members at Blogs at YBC. For example, if you want updates on the latest promotion or updates from My Sunny Ads, you can get them here. What about how to post more eye-catching ads at YB Cafe ads? You can find a blog post about it here. Stay tuned for an update about Blogs at YBC soon.


Free Link directory

You can now link to Your Biz Cafe. It is free and your site will be listed in the link Directory. Go here to check it out.


What else do you need to know?

Well, check out at the about page to find out more about Your Biz Cafe the Admin running it and the other websites in the network. Click Here.


That is all for the updates. Stay tuned for anything else admin thinks of. Don’t forget to check out the help desk. If you have any suggestions or just want to leave a little feedback, I will greatly appreciate it. Make sure to check out the Getting Started article in your profile when you register.